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Reduce Utility Bills

November 30, 2010

Save on Heating Bill

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Every time your heater kicks on, the money starts being added to your heating bill. It could mean a higher electric bill or both your natural gas and electric bill growing.

If you have used weather stripping, lowered your temperatures, and followed other suggestions, you may find that your heater is still starting up often. Look at where your thermostat is located. It may not be able to be moved, but you may still be able to control how often it turns on.


If your thermostat is near a door that opens often, you may be able to tape a piece of cardboard that is on the side that the door is on. You may have to play around with it a little bit to get it right.

Remember heat rises and you may be able to reduce the number of times it turns on by taping a piece of cardboard above the top of the thermostat to  keep the heat from rising and cooling.


I have a thermostat¬† in a little hallway that is near my garage door. Though the garage door isn’t used much, I realized there was cold air coming in. I put a cloth air stopper (long tube that blocks the air from the bottom of the door) and it made a big difference.

If you can, adjust the temperature to compensate when the temperature near the thermostat area tends to be cooler.

November 29, 2010

Reduce Natural Gas Bill

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A very simple way to reduce your gas bill is to check the pilot lights on anything that has a pilot light. You may be able to adjust it and reduce your natural gas utility bill. There is a little screw that will adjust the pilot light. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, ask for help from someone who knows what they are doing or it may be worth hiring someone to do it. You can search online to find out how to do it or contact your natural gas provider.

Financial Crisis Blog Launched

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The blog I mentioned a few weeks back was officially launched today. If you are looking at ways to reduce your utility bills because you are in a financial crisis, you will want to check out this new blog. The Financial Crisis Blog not only has practical, free ideas to handle a financial crisis, it also has encouraging words to help you get through your financial crisis. You will find ways to deal with a financial crisis and ways to prevent one.

With the holidays coming, you will find ways to have a memorable Christmas even if you are going through a financial crisis. When you have children, it can be even more challenging to face a financial crisis and face the holidays. There are posts to help with all that.

The blog isn’t for those who need a handout or want to be rescued from their crisis, it is for people who are ready to deal with it, take responsibility, and do what they need to so they can get out of a financial crisis.

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