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Reduce Utility Bills

September 17, 2008

How Hair Conditioners Save Money

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Especially people with long hair, the shower must run longer to wash, condition, and rinse hair. This time and energy use can be reduced by alternative ways to condition hair.

  1. Use leave in conditioners-they don’t need to be rinsed out.
  2. Use oil treatments outside of the shower-wet hair, apply hot oil, and do household chores while the treatment does its job. Wash hair in shower as usual, but a conditioner may not be needed.
  3. Make your own conditioner treatment to use outside the shower-mix some conditioner with hot water and apply to dry hair. Follow the procedure as with the hot oil treatment.

Use only enough shampoo and conditioner that is needed for hair length and thickness. Excessive shampoo and conditioner in the hair don’t only cause you to purchase those items sooner, but will take longer to rinse out. That means more water and more water to heat.

You can have beautiful hair and still keep utility bills reduced.

September 15, 2008

Plan Oven Use to Save Money

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By planning when you use the oven, you can save money by reducing your utility bills.

In the summer, the house cools itself during the night. During the summer use your oven and even the stove top when possible after the sun goes down. It will take less energy and keep your cooling bills lower if you do this. Cook as much as possible at one time to avoid heating up the kitchen a second and third time. Use an oven sparingly in the summer. Try to BBQ and use a toaster oven when possible.

In the winter, the house is cooler during the night and in the morning. During the winter use your oven in the mornings to warm the house for rest of the day. Before the sun goes down in the evening is another good time to use your oven. It will maintain the warmth that was gathered throughout the day. If you keep the house cool when you leave for work, this will help the house warm up faster. When you turn off the oven in the winter, open the door and allow the warmth to fill the kitchen instead of being wasted inside an empty oven.

The oven is your friend in the winter and your enemy in the summer when it comes to reducing utility bills.

September 13, 2008

Save Money Wtih a Toaster Oven

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If you have kids or live alone, you may find your stove (and kitchen) are getting heated up for small items. There are two ways to deal with the electricity or gas that is used by the oven for pre-heating and cooking.

  1. Buy a toaster oven
  2. Cook several things at one time

Using a toaster oven reduces energy costs the following ways:

  • Less time needed to pre-heat a toaster oven
  • Smaller area to heat
  • Doesn’t heat up kitchen

The toaster oven can be used for single slices of pizza, small portions of frozen items (french fries, fish, chicken nuggets), frozen meals, and single servings of deserts.

Toaster ovens are affordable due to the popularity of microwaves. Find a permanent place on the counter for the toaster oven, it will be used more often if it doesn’t have to be pulled out.

When using the oven for larger items like a full size pizza, baking cakes, cassaroles, and other items that don’t fit into the toaster oven, fill the oven up. You can even cook a second set of items right afterwards since the oven is already hot and you won’t have to use the electricity or gas to pre-heat the oven. Freeze the extra food to be warmed up in the toaster oven or microwave at a later date.

The cost of a toaster oven and well planned use of the oven will help reduce utility bills.

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