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May 12, 2007

Moveable Clothesline

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Making a simple movable clothesline requires a few materials:

  1. First thing you will need is two places to attach the clothesline. Recycle used clothesline poles, buy new ones, or make two wooden poles by taking two pieces of wood to form the letter “T”.
  2. Next find something you can use as a base. Two 5 gallon buckets that are recycled or buy them new from your hardware store. Two old tires can work also for the base. If using tires, cut a circular piece of cardboard to fit inside the tire and keep the cement from leaking out while it hardens.
  3. Large hook screws or other means to attach line to poles. Notches can be cut into wood to hold the line in place or holes drilled to thread the line through.
  4. 3-5 bags of post hole cement
  5. Water to add to cement (harvested water can be used)
  6. Clothes pins and a sunny and/or warm day!

The directions to create a movable clothesline:

  1. Center pole in middle of bucket or center of tire
  2. Pour concrete around pole
  3. Follow directions for adding water
  4. Let sit and dry for at least 24 hours
  5. Put the clothesline poles where you want to have your clothes dry (make sure the wind won’t blow clothes into plants, trees, or fences.
  6. Attach your clothesline. If you used hooks, put a loop at the end of each end of the rope and put on the hook. Make sure it is snug enough so that the weight of wet laundry won’t pull it down.

Other clothesline options include umbrella styled clotheslines that can be purchased. It can retracted (like an umbrella) when not in use. This pole can be put in a bucket or tire to be movable. There is a clothesline that is permanently attached to a building or pole and then hooked to another pole and that “winds up” when not in use.

Caution-if there is an exceptionally strong wind, it may knock down clothesline poles in buckets (less likely in tires), so don’t put pole where it can blow over and cause damage. Store on side if needed. These are heavy, so if you have back problems, get help moving the poles.

Update (additional info re: buckets)

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