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May 10, 2007

Drying Clothes With the Sun

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Having a traditional gas or electric dryer for backup is helpful and convenient, so don’t be too ready to sell it or give it away. Even if space and time don’t permit you to dry everything outside, any reduction is not only going to show up with a lower utility bill, it will also be good for the environment.

Problems with drying clothes with the sun and solutions:

  • Clothes wrinkle-iron while damp and then hang up, purchase wrinkle free garments, take wrinkle prone garments from 2 or more wash loads to dry together at one time, iron when dry
  • Clothes are hard-use liquid fabric softener, take those garments and towels from 2 or more wash loads to dry together at one time, soften up items in a short air dry cycle in dryer, wash and dry on windy days
  • Time consuming-watch the weather and plan to do laundry on the hottest and/or windiest days of the week
  • Clothesline would be in the way-make a movable clothesline

It may seem time consuming and you may not be sure it’s worth it to use the sun to dry your clothes, but take a moment to do some math. Figure out how much you can save cutting down your dryer use by 1/3 or more. Figure out how many hours a week you have to work to match that amount. Your time is money, so why not “work” at hanging up clothes and use some of that money saved to pay off some credit card debt! You might be surprised how the money you save can add up in a month or a year.

There is the added bonus that this is good for our environment. Make your home environmentally friendly!

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