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Reduce Utility Bills

April 28, 2011

Lower Winter Utilities

Filed under: Electricity, Natural Gas, Savings Results — Jan @ 4:37 pm

I was able to lower my winter utility bills by putting off turning on my natural gas heater. I used a space heater that I carried around to the room that I was in. Though there was an increase in my electric bill, it was less than the combination of the increase in the gas AND increase in the electric bill.

I eventually had to turn on the heater when uncommonly cold weather hit, but I still kept the bill down by using my electric heater.

CAUTION - if you have an electric heater that does not turn off automatically if it gets hot or tips…DO NOT LEAVE IT UNATTENDED. I would also recommend turning it of when you go to sleep. Get an extra blanket and get up a little early to turn it on and warm up your room.

Financial Crisis Site

Filed under: Motivation/Inspiration, Reviews — Jan @ 4:28 pm

When going through a financial crisis, it is even more important to reduce your utility bills. The Financial Crisis Survival Site has some ways to help you to reduce your utility bills.

Surviving a financial crisis takes creativity and the ability to keep your spirits up. When you are depressed you will be less likely to come up with ways to save money and survive the crisis. There are many encouraging posts on the site in addition to practical ways to get through the crisis.

Time To Save Money

Filed under: Blog News — Jan @ 4:14 pm

It is time to start saving money again. I haven’t posted on this blog for some time, but it is time for that to change and find ways to save money on utilities to be able to reduce utility bills this summer. Though some areas are still experiencing cold, here in AZ we are hitting the upper 90’s and it is getting hot out!

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